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Softner & Filter (MOC-MS)
Product code : WTP003
Softner & Filter (MOC-MS)


Softening is a widely used Technology for reducing hardness forming ions ( Ca &Mg) which precipitate & scale at very low temperatures & pressures. Softening is a reversible ion exchange process wherein the hardness forming ions are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group.

EES offers a wide range of softening plants with versatility in flow, flexibility in resin quantities & ease in operation. Ion Exchange is one of the largest manufacturers of the strong acid Cation resin used in this process.

Ion Exchange:    

Ion Exchange reaction in a softner is shown as below....


During Service Cycle:-

R-Na + Ca+ = R Ca + Na+

R-Na + Mg++ = R Mg + Na+


During Regeneration:-

R Ca + NaCl = R Na + CaCl2

R Mg + NaCl = R Na + MgCl



ü  Ion Exchange (225NA) Resin with high resistance to mechanical shock, longer life, high exchange capacity & low consumption of salt. The closely resin bead size minimizes pressure loss.

ü  User –Friendly, low maintenance & easy to install

ü  Variety of cost effective standard models

ü  Simpler distribution & collection systems

ü  Easily up-gradable for higher output

ü  Easy Operation & maintenance

ü  Quick availability