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Product code : SA001
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(I)Float Trap:

Our float traps are specially designed for varying loads with continuous discharge. It’s unaffected by instantaneous pressure changes. It’s basically used for removing condensate from steam heating equipments at saturated temperature as soon as it is formed.


Available Sizes: 15NB, 20NB, 25NB, 40NB, 50NB (Both IBR & also N-IBR)


(II)CRPS (Condensate Return Pump System):

Why Condensate Return Pump System (CRPS)?


Steam is very effective heat transfer medium, due to easy transportability and high heat content. It is used in process industry for direct and indirect heat transfer. When steam is used for indirect heat transfer in heat exchanger, reactors and other indirect heating equipment. It gives off its latent heat (useful heat) to process and converts itself into liquid form known as condensate. This high pressure condensate when released to atmospheric pressure can no longer hold high heat content. The excess heat is released as flash steam.

High pressure condensate is at almost the same pressure as steam and contains around 15-20% heat of fuel. This heat if recovered shall reduce fuel consumption to the extent of 20%.

In addition to the fuel savings, boiler quality water is also recovered and is used in boiler. This has effect of reduced cost of water and water treatment chemicals. Further good quality boiler feed water reduces the boiler blow down losses resulting in fuel saving.


ü  High Temperature boiler feed water

ü  Good quality boiler feed water

ü  Lower Blow down losses

ü  Lower water treatment losses 

Capacity Available: From 500 kgs/hr to 30 Ton/hr







(III) PRS (Pressure Reducing Station):


Steam Generation: Good steam engineering practice is to generate steam at high / maximum working pressure, distribute at higher pressure and utilize at low pressure with pressure reduction. It is recommended to operate the boilers use to maximum operating /design pressure. This ensures good quality of steam with high dryness fraction. Process equipments are normally designed for much lower pressure of steam.


ü  Assured consistent downstream reduced pressure

ü  Reduces fuel consumption

ü  Give more latent heat, per kg of steam to industrial equipment like heat exchangers, jacket kettles, distillation column re-boilers, etc.Resulting in lower fuel consumption.  




(IV)Moisture Separators :

Moistures in steam blocks heat transfer. In compressed air, it fouls your application. Our moisture separators are a simple and effective way to improve both your processes. Installation up stream of pressure reducing valves and steam meters ensures accuracy and a long mechanical life.